Private Tours of Porto

Tours of Porto

We invite you on a guided tour the city we live in - Porto, Portugal

Planning on going on vacation?

Want to check the possibility of moving to Portugal?

Let's experience the local culture together, and go on a journey through the city!

With the move to Porto, it was hard not to fall in love with the city. As usual, we "plowed" the city along and across – every alley, every bridge and local restaurants galore. The impressive buildings scorched with history, the welcoming people and the amazing weather, made us want to stay.

I am happy to help foreigners like me, who are visiting Porto, to get to know the city. You are invited, dears, who come on vacation in Porto, to go on a walk with me in the historic and inspiring city where I live. 

Come with me to meet the local culture, food and street art. We will take a different, intimate and interesting tour of the city - where I will share with you my experience as a local in Porto. I would love to be part of your trip and guide you through the city!

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