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This is a blog about Life, Real Estate Entrepreneurship and Relocation! 

Here you will learn about the expat experience, the inevitable bureaucracy and what it's like to pick up your life and move to another country. 

We also write about the variety of investment opportunities available in Portugal, where we've compiled a list of the hottest properties that currently exist in the market to make your next smart real estate investment in this country a reality. 

Join us through the relocation process to Portugal, investing in real estate, or for a private tour in the stunning city where we live - Porto!

Come and see the variety of things we can do together :)

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We've had been talking about relocating for years. There was this burning desire to live somewhere more quiet, with new opportunities, less stress and a lot of adventure. We wouldn't have forgiven ourselves if we looked back, knowing we could have done it, and didn't. After all - the world is big, the world is open, and all you have to do is just go out there and get it. 

So we packed up our whole lives and braved the move. We sold most of our belongings in a crazy three-day yard sale, and the little that remained we've put it in the boxes to store in our parents' house. And then, we took off with a few suitcases into the unknown, and we were ready for anything that was coming - because we believed that together, we would get through anything. 

Investment Opportunities

Our speciality

Full escort on purchasing a property

We believe in personal, professional and transparent accompaniment
As creative and ambitious people by nature, we have done quite a few interesting things with our short lives.
In recent years, we have been investing, accompanying and executing real estate projects in Portugal.

Nevertheless, our emphasis on real estate investments relies in Porto – the city which we live in.

Our artistic and management backgrounds helps us to understand the potential of any asset we choose for us or our investors, creating the best and highest income-producer real estate investment.
We are here to expedite, facilitate, save money and streamline any process we go through together on the way to your next real estate investment in Portugal.

"Don't wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait!"

Vital & Omer

We offer a close guidance, which includes a pre-approval when the investor is still abroad, collecting all relevant documents and submitting them to the banks, working in order to receive the best financing terms. The accompaniment includes the meeting with the appraiser until the final signing of the deed, and the conveyance of funds from the bank to the seller of the property.

It's important to know that foreign investors, including those with a foreign passport, can receive bank financing in Portugal up to 70%, with an interest rate of 1.1-2%!

The conditions above also apply to Portuguese passport holders who do not reside in Portugal.

And, residents in Portugal, with economic activity in the country – with at least a year -, can apply for funding of up to 85% if the property desired buy is for their own accommodation.

To read more about bank financing, click here

This is the income tax number of Portugal that is necessary for any purchase in the country, especially when talking about real estate.

Together, we will open a bank account with the documents we collect in advance that will be sent to the branch we work with. This expedites the processes and shortens the time that can sometimes be critical to the buyer who can only be here for a few days. 

And when we meet at the bank branch together, all you will have to do is sign the papers.

It's important to mention that we are not realtors, and that's why we don't offer our clients just any property that is on the market just to receive a commission. 

We look for properties as investors ourselves, as buyers, negotiating every value to get the best deal - with a profitable sales expectation, tailored to the business plan we had built together.

We focus on strategic areas of the city, with stable markets and diverse demand, which will ensure a worthwhile and reliable investment with future perspective.

In the recent years, we have purchased dozens of properties for private investors, purchasing groups, as well as for ourselves. Thanks to our connections in the city, we've had the ability to find properties that were not necessarily in the "market". 

We can get the assets before they go online, as well as priority in closing the deals for our clients.

We believe real estate relies on footwork and fieldwork. And because we have seen so many business opportunities come from private owners who will never post their property online, we've learned that this way we can get the most interesting deals, and even below the market price.

After we set your date of arrival in Portugal – we will visit together approximately 5 relevant properties that have been carefully filtered according to your unique business plan, and together we will analyse and select the most beneficial property for your needs.

Every property chosen by the client will be carefully examined by our lawyer who safes and secures transactions for all of our clients. 

Our carefully selected lawyer works with professionalism and agility, holding credibility and is tailored to the nature of real estate transactions.

She speaks fluent English, so any contract you receive through her will be both in Portuguese and in English for your utmost convenience.

We will also sign a power of attorney (PoA) so that we can continue to manage the purchase process for you even if or when you are abroad.

After purchasing a property, you can choose to continue with us to manage the renovation of your property (if necessary).

Our professional construction team works quickly and at reliable and convenient prices. We oversee the entire project process, from expenses to establishing a detailed renovation schedule, so we can ensure that the keys will be delivered on time.

The costs of the renovation depend on the parameters and the nature of the project, so each one is analysed on a case-by-case basis.

Our team consists of: a trusted professional architect, an engineer, and a construction company, and it is used to work with with a wide range of renovation types – from constructive renovation of buildings, apartment interior renovation, to renewal and preservation of existing buildings.

After completing your purchase and the renovation process (if necessary), you can choose to continue working with our team to manage your property for as long as you wish.

Our team will take care of the tenants, contracts, ongoing management and fixing damages, so you'll be able to relax knowing that you're in good and safe hands until you decide to sell or move here.

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