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We believe in personal, professional and transparent accompaniment

As creative and ambitious people by nature, we touched on quite a few areas of our short lives.
In recent years, we have been investing, accompanying and executing real estate projects in Portugal, with an emphasis on real estate investments in Porto – the city in which we live.
Our artistic and management background helps us realize the potential of any asset we choose for us or our investors,
To create the best and most income-producing real estate investment for you. 
We are here to expedite, facilitate, save and streamline any process we go through together on the way to investing in your real estate in Portugal.o
Real Estate in Portugal

Want to see the investment opportunities we found?

Here you will find the most interesting properties and projects we have visited and thoroughly examined, in the best areas of the city, below market prices!
Did you like a specific asset? You are welcome to get in touch and get more information.

Our Services

Close guidance, which includes approval in principle when the investor is still in abroad, collecting all relevant documents and submitting them to the banks we work with in order to obtain the best financing terms for you. The accompaniment includes the appraiser's meeting until the final signing of the deed, and the transfer of funds from the bank to the seller of the desired property.

It is important to know that foreigners, including those with a non-European passport, can apply for  financing a home in Portugal up to 70% of the purchase value, with conditions of between 1.1-2% interest!

Depending on your income, as with any bank of course, but since Israeli salaries are inherently higher than the Portuguese's – the process is certainly possible.

These conditions also apply to Portuguese passport holders who are not Portuguese residents and only hold the passport.

Residents of Portugal, with economic activity in Portugal for at least a year, can apply for funding of up to 85%.

For an article on bank financing click here

An income tax number (fiscal) in Portugal that is necessary for any purchase here in Portugal, in particular talking about real estate.

Together, we will open a bank account with the documents we collect in advance that will be sent to the branch we work with. This will expedite the processes and shorten times that can sometimes be critical to the buyer who can only arrive for a few days. 

When we meet at the bank branch together, all you will have to do is sign the papers.

It is important to note that we are not realtors, and so, we do not offer our clients just any property that is on the market to receive a commission. 

We are looking for properties as investors ourselves, as the buyers,  negotiating every value to get the best deal for you - with a profitable sales expectation, tailored to the business plan we build together.

We focus on strategic areas of the city with stable markets and diverse demand, which will ensure a worthwhile and reliable investment with future perspective.

We have been living in Porto for 4 years, where we have already purchased dozens assets for private investors, for investments groups and also ourselves. Thanks to our great connections in the city, we have the ability to find properties that are not necessarily in the "market". 

We get the assets before they go online and are shown publicly, as well as prioritizing closing the deals for our clients.

We believe real estate relies on footwork and fieldwork. We have seen that so many buisness opportunities come from private owners who will never post their property online. This way we can get the most interesting deals, below the market price.

After we set your date of arrival in Portugal – we together visit approximately 5 relevant properties that have been carefully filtered according to your unique business plan, and together we will analyze and select the most worthwhile propery for your needs.

Each property chosen by the client works in-depth and comprehensive examinations with our lawyer who leads all of our clients to a safe property purchasing in Portugal. 

Our carefully selected lawyer works with credibility, professionalism and agility that is tailored to the nature of real estate deals. 

She speaks fluent English, so any contract you get through her will be both in Portuguese and English for your convinience .

Together we will also sign a power of attorney (POA) agreement so that we can continue to manage the purchasing process even when you are already in back home abroad.

After purchasing the property, you can choose and continue with us in having us manage the rennovation of your property (if necessary).

We work with a professional construction team, who work quickly at reliable and convenient prices. We supervise the entire process of the project, from expenses to ensuring a detailed schedule ofthe renovation is completed and the keys are received on time.

The costs of the renovation depend on the parameters and nature of the project, so each project is analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

Our team of a trusted professional architect, an engineer, and construction company adapt to a variety of types of renovation – from constructive renovation of buildings, interior renovation to apartments, or renewal and preservation of existing buildings.

After completing your purchase and the renovation process (if necessary), you can choose to continue working with our team to manage your property for long or short term.

We will mangae your propery and take care of everything from collecting rent to fixing damages, until you decide to sell. 

Or move here 🙂

Our way in real estate

Two years ago we made the decision to move to Portugal in order to create a better quality of life for us. We quickly realized that we had come to the right place at the right time, and slowly we were allowing ourselves to call it home.

When we first arrived in Portugal we were amazed first of all by the views, the sun, the people - and the amounts of tourists and migrants this magical place has. It wasn't long before we explored and understood the terrain in depth - we saw that entrepreneurship here was the name of the game! 

So with the knowledge we have accumulated in recent years in asset management in the tourist market of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, working with customers from all over the world, producing diverse projects, and the tremendous energy that pushes us to create and initiate– we have made the decision to roll up our sleeves and carry out our first entrepreneurial project in Europe, which is currently nearing completion and operation.

As local entrepreneurs, we are constantly in the field - living and breathing Porto, know every alley in the city. Together with the local and professional staff we chose carefully; Consisting of a lawyer, an C.I.A., a tax consultant, an architect and an engineer, we carried out a deep investigation of the real estate market in the city of Porto, we went down to the smallest resolutions to ensure good and safe transactions for the various investors, as well as for ourselves. We work with local people, Portuguese, who know every corner and all that is, allowing us to find the most interesting properties. And not ones that are already on the market.

Although real estate is the purchase of "walls", we believe it is a business and a basic need of people. Therefore, we make sure to surround ourselves with the most professional people we can choose - but also human and abizzy.

Our advantage of being living here helps us to get to know the various factors in a real and qualitative way and save time and unnecessary costs, thereby streamlining the purchase and management process.

We'd love to cooperate and be your people on the ground.

Here for you: Vital and Omer

Real Estate in Portugal
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Real estate tour of Porto

Interested in real estate investment in Portugal? Want to get to know Porto up close? We invite you on a focused real estate tour of the city!
After a number of investments in Porto, accompanying investors to purchase and in-depth familiarity with the city, we decided to publish our real estate tour.
A comprehensive and in-depth tour of the hottest neighborhoods in the city, information on projects and urban development, information about taxation and bank financing, and anything that can help you make the best and right decision for you for future investment. 
The tour is private for up to four participants and aims to gather the most relevant and up-to-date information for you and your investment, the deployment of opportunities and tips for yielding entrepreneurship.
Beyond the content and the extensive information we share with you, you will get to know Porto – the local character, the population, the possibilities and technical limitations in purchasing real estate in the city.
Tour cost:300 euros 

If there is no need for bank financing, the purchase process takes up to three months from the beginning of the escort until the key to the apartment is received.
Of course, there are variables that affect the closing of the transaction that sometimes do not depend on us or you, but usually the process is relatively fast and most of it takes place when you are already in Israel.
If bank financing is needed, the purchase process can take up to six months as document translation, financing confirmation and bank accompaniment are needed before you arrive in Portugal.

The average fruity yield for long-term rentals ranges from 5-7 percent and the return on short-term rentals ranges from 8-12 percent.
Of course, the yield varies and depends very much on the nature of the transaction, the type of property and the target audience of the tenants.

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, the Municipality of Porto executes many projects and the city is constantly developing.
Over the past five years, the value increase has ranged from 10-15 percent a year, and the trend is expected to continue for the next five years.
Many projects are currently underway and positive migration fills the city with young entrepreneurs who are developing the city, community and tourism that is growing at a dizzying rate in the city.

Portugal is one of the few countries in Europe that allows bank financing for foreigners under great conditions (yes to Israelis as well).
Local banks allow bank financing at a maximum of 70%.
So if the bank approves the maximum bank financing, the equity you will need to purchase will be 30% of the cost of the property, excluding one-time incidentals for purchase (taxation, purchase fees, notary, document translation and more).

Interest rates range from 1.1-1.7 percent, depending on the bank and the mortgage applicant's economic status.
Since the European Bank's interest rate is negative, you can enjoy low interest rates by taking bank financing in Portugal.

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